Christian Townrow

Founder & CEO

An experienced partner with a demonstrated history of working within the marine services industry. Christian founded Yachtdrop in 2018 with the main vision of simplifying the ordering process of beverages in the superyacht indusrty.

Favourite drink: Espresso Martini


Rory Clegg

Senior Business Developer

Whilst being, possibly, the most charming person in the office Rory has a fantastic track record of building substantial business relations. As a former professional rugby player, Rory isn’t shy when it comes to getting everyone up for some indoor fitness activities!

Favourite drink: Any beer


Molly Grant

Human Resources

From New Zealand, Molly talks about the All Blacks rugby team almost as much as Christian talks about world domination. With an averagely good eye for fashion Molly is seen catwalking into the office on a regular basis.

Favourite drink: Aperol Spritz


Bradley Taylor

Business Developer

Bradley is notorious for being found in the office kitchen making a triple decker ham and cheese sandwhich – this doesn’t mean he isn’t creative! Bradley has a strong passion for outdoor activities which include football, hiking and sunset spotting

Favourite drink: Passion Fruit Martini


Joshua Cripps

Graphic Designer

Having graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, Joshua joined Yachtdrop with the sole purpose of creating the most epic brand known to man. With a passion for travel, in Joshuas’ spare time you can usually find him embracing cultures throughout the world.

Favourite drink: Anything non alcoholic


Isabella Strand

Social Media Manager

Isabella provides Yachtdrop with outstanding creative content on a daily basis. During office hours, we as a team have witnessed many character changes from Isabella as the majority of the time she thinks she’s an actress!

Favourite drink: Rhubarb Gin & Tonic